Last weekend was the first warm weekend of 2018, so yes … I was outside pretty much the whole time! My next blog-post and video will be about that but I can tell you already: it was wonderful!!

So, on that beautiful day, I was wearing a colorful dress (relatively short), a black cardigan.. and a pair of black strappy stiletto heels. The heels are from one of my favorite brands, Graceland. Not only are they relatively cheap, they are super comfortable.. and I think they’re pretty sexy too!

In fact, they’re so comfy and stable … I felt completely confident to walk over grassy fields.

I even have some footage where I’m walking up a hill.. would you like to see that?

One of the reasons, I was wearing this outfit for this photo-shoot was because I wore this a couple of weeks before this day while meeting a friend in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, it was a bit too dark for proper photos.

Anyway, about this location … it’s part of what’s called the “Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie” and it was the upgrade Dutch defense line and along this line, there are many cool forts. Ideal for photo-shoots, I say!

I love visiting other countries, both in Europe and the rest of the world … but there’s so much to see and visit in this tiny country called the Netherlands! And I really hope this spring and summer will be warm and sunny so that I can visit a lot of those places.

So, do you have any suggestions on what places I can visit for photo and video shoots? Let me know!

Wherever you are, I hope you enjoyed the warm weekend! ♥

This video is less of about walking in heels and more about the gorgeous views that make the Dutch landscape!