The trendsetting hobo bag is a typically large purse characterized by a crescent shape and a slouchy posture.  It usually has a long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. Hobo bags are generally made of soft, flexible material and tend to slump forward when setting down.  This is one of its coolest and most stylish features.  The style of this purse is called a hobo bag because it resembles the shape of the bundle on a stick hobos and street bums are often seen carrying over their shoulder in various cartoons and drawings.

The hobo comes in many different shapes and sizes and over time has become a popular woman’s accessory.  It makes for an easy casual addition to swing along in day and adds a stylish pop to your outfit at night.

Israeli designers have tuned into this growing bag trend and are coming out with some fashionable examples.

DN Collection’s designer Hebe Purse has all the makings of a modern style bag with an elegant touch of luscious Italian leather.  It can be carried as a messenger bag or a shoulder bag and comes in urban cool colors like green and red.

Efika’s Galim Leather Shoulder Bag is a fashionable cross between a hobo bag and a tote.  Its quality Italian leather embodies the hobo chic sleekness of the city but is large enough to hold thicker personal items for a weekend out of town.

Efika’s Pilpilon Large Handbag may come in monotone colors like beige and African Elephant Grey but one definitely can’t call it boring! The beautiful large handbag is much of the finest Italian leather and comes in colors that resemble an elephant’s skin (and in fact “pipilon” mean elephant in Hebrew.) The sides are also shaped like elephant ears.  The tote is large and lined with interior pockets and partitions.

The Large Handbag Petel by Kisim gives slouchy a whole new meaning! The soft fabric and long shape create a slumped over structure when setting down, which makes for a stylish and ultimately easy character with lots of extra room.  The bag comes in mod colors like green and purple.

Kisim’s Long Basic Handbag is equally as stylish but definitely not as slouchy.  Coming in edgy metallic colors like black, bronze, and silver, it takes on an urban sleek appeal without losing its functional large shape and comfortable vibe. It’s a must-have for those long city nights.

The Butterfly Handbag has its name because its slumped down shape takes on the look of butterfly wings.  The loose structure gives the bag an easy look without losing its fashionable quality or its practicality.  Mariposa’s fun take on the slouchy hobo comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns like blue washed and floral print.