Today I am with you a layered lace knit dress with a wonderful lace dress. Is there a lady who does not like ladies lace sets? Personally, lace models have always been very popular. Lace products, lace knit dress models have always been very elegant to me. Lace motifs like their white color wedding dresses have always affected me. Because of this, lacework is the most important place for me in knitting work.

Lace den room suites are the most preferred lace weave models. But lacework work is a bit difficult. It will not be as fast as making a wrap because you make a knit beret because the rope is thinner. The number of stitches you need to knock to make the same knitting pattern is more than the number of laces that the lace is thinner. I think elegance and beauty come from here. If something shakes up and detailed it is beautiful. Beauty is hidden in detail.

I want to share in this position is a lace dress with a lace and a complex lace. I mean the dress is actually the wrong place to say art. In review, you will join me in a model that requires much labor. It is also very elegant very nice.

I have found this example and its construction on a foreign site. I have already shared the lace lace pattern with you. I can say that this dress is as beautiful as it is, or even better. This model is made up of complex lace workmanship. For those wondering, there are close-up pictures of the parts of the lace motifs of the dress during the making of the dress. And they have closely drawn pictures so you can see the details of the weave closely.

You can say no more detailed description. I found this for Shuan. Maybe I can share with you the story of the detailed production of a lace suit similar to this in the future.