Heels are a women’s best friend. They are amazing for your posture and make your legs look great. Besides that they make you feel super feminine and sexy. One minor detail; they are not just as comfortable as your good old sneakers or flats. But no worries, at Steve Madden they don’t just design only super pretty heels, but comfortable ones as well. So no excuses left for not owning a pair of heels. But how do style your favourite pair of high heel shoes in the best way? We’re here to the fashion rescue!

Let’s start off with the classic pump. This type of shoe should be owned by every woman. Period. A pair of black pumps are always your fashion answer, whether you’re struggling with finding the best office looks, are invited to a chic party or looking for a way to glam-up your casual outfits. Of course, we all know the classic ensemble of a little black dress and a pair of black heels. And honestly, this combination still is a big go for many types of occasions. Your workwear wouldn’t look the same without a pair of pumps to pair with. A classic office looks consists of a pretty pencil skirt paired with a classic blouse and/or suit jacket. Of course, you’re wearing this outfit with a pair of gorgeous suede pumps or sophisticated leather pumps.

Aren’t you the office type, and barely spotted at fancy party’s? Then you still haven’t got an excuse for not owning a pair of pumps. Why? Simply because it’s totally awesome and on-trend to pair your rock-chic jeans outfits with a pair of heels. So get yourself a pair of nude pumps, black pumps or, if you’re a real daredevil, neon pumps, to create a sexy rock-chic look. Style your favorite type of jeans with an oversized tee and your casual but sexy look couldn’t get more perfect. That’s a different way to style your nude colored pumps or favorite pair of suede heels, right?

Are you a real pro when it comes to walking in heels? Take your heel-game to the next level with stilettos! Stilettos have a thin, high heel and yes, they are super sexy. A pair of stiletto heels is perfect for completing your glamorous looks or to make your work ensembles a bit more feminine. Wear them with both short as long dresses to create a super feminine, sexy look. Your silhouette will automatically repay you by looking gorgeous.

Even the most though girls out there can rock a pair of stilettos. Just imagine an all-black outfit, including a leather jacket and fashionable patent pants, paired with sexy stilettos. Makes you look just that more exciting, doesn’t it?

Platform heels can be a little tricky. When you think of platform heels, one of the first things that pop in mind might be: trashy. And yet, we admit that, when paired the wrong way, platform pumps can be a little tasteless. But we’re here to prove you wrong! When styled the right way platforms can be super classy and feminine. The trick is to keep the rest of your outfit super classy. So if you decide to go for a pair of platform heels, don’t pick an outfit that shows too much skin, or a dress that is a bit short. For example: if you pair your platform pumps with a classy pencil skirt and beautiful shirt they don’t look trashy at all.

Want to give your look a real rock chick-vibe? The platform heels are definitely a great option for you as well! Paired with cool mom jeans and an oversized nonchalant tee, platforms are the answer to make your outfit look super classy, sexy and casual at the same time. And who wouldn’t want to go for that mix of styles?

We are definitely huge fans of high heel sandals. They all have a fun, breezy vibe to them and they are perfect for styling up our, mostly casual, flowy summer ensembles. You know what we’re talking about, right? All summer outfits seem to be a bit more fun and casual, but we still have fancy party’s to go to and office days where we need to show up looking great and sophisticated. No worries, with a pair of high heels you will create gorgeous classy summer looks within no time.

Planning on attending a great, fancy summer party? Pair your favorite classy summer dress with a pair of suede high heel sandals and your party look is done. Going for a killer party look? Then metallic high heel sandals are your fashion answer!

We have a great variety of high heel sandals in our shop. We’re totally in love with our platform sandals since they have such a great classy Seventies vibe to them. Paired with a great flowy or floral summer dress you definitely have the on-trend summer look going on for you. Another great look can be reached by pairing your favorite party and summer look with lace-up sandals! High heel lace-up sandals give a playful yet sexy look to your outfits. Besides that, they are great for creating a festival look as well. Just picture your favorite jeans short, or other summer shorts, paired with a pair of high heel lace-ups. Seems like a pretty great fashion idea, right?

No party night is complete without a pair of your most sexy heels. Of course, you can choose a great party dress from your personal collection and pair them with a pair of stiletto heels, platform heels or high heel sandals to make your party look complete. But why not choose a fun playsuit or sexy jumpsuit for a change? A playsuit can be very sexy, especially once you pair them with metallic heels, heels with sequins or glitter heels. Turn a classy jumpsuit into a killer party outfit by wearing them together with sexy platform heels or classy stilettos. And trust us, our platform heels or block heels are comfortable enough to keep dancing all night long.

Mid-high heels can cause a few styling problems for some women. How do you wear them without looking boring? Our mid heel sandals are the perfect option for those of you out there who aren’t fond of walking in high heels every day. Our all-time-favorite IRENEE’s are the perfect example of a classy mid-heel sandal. Whether you’re going for suede mid heel sandals or leather mid heel sandals, you will turn your summer outfits directly into classy ensembles.

Mid-high heels are perfect to wear with your office looks as well. With classy trousers such as a culotte, plissé pants or suit pants and mid high heeled shoes, you will create the perfect classy look.

So many, many styling tips you can use for wearing your favorite type of heels the fashionable way. Whether you’re going for comfy mid-high heels, gorgeous summer sandals, sexy stilettos, platform heels or classic pumps, you will find the right styling option for you. Just stay true to your own style.