This leather and fabric handbag is the perfect project for those who are starting to sew with leather and for those who are bored with fabric only handbags.  You can make this with a normal domestic sewing machine so don’t be afraid to give it a try!

I am not yet an expert in leather work.  But, I absolutely love the material for its durability and handling.  Furthermore, the shine of the leather will forgive a mistake should you need to unpick a seam, so I suggest to buy a whole hide and not to be afraid of trying.  It won’t go to waste!

If you don’t feel like trying with leather, you can also use vinyl, oilcloth, canvas or another heavy fabric.  I just wanted to try with leather and it came out so well, my daughter won’t give it back to me …

In the months ahead we will be exploring the many possibilities of the leather work, so we will be using all the scraps.  I will be sharing with you easy tutorials that can be made at home without the need for an industrial machine.

Skill level

This project suits someone with advanced beginner to intermediate skills.  If you have made another handbag from our website, you will find this project very easy.

Key Features:

  • Two outside pockets
  • One inside pocket for your wallet
  • RFID lining optional
  • Easy to make
  • Small handbag but big enough to carry an iPad
  • Crossbody bag option
  • Soft leather
  • Makes a great gift


  • Leather hide metallic silver or gold 2-ounce average
  • printed cotton twill fabric
  • cotton quilt fabric
  • polyester thread
  • RFID fabric or lining fabric.
  • Satin bias tape 1  1/2″ yards
  • 1 sheet of acrylic self-adhesive rhinestones 3mm or 26″ of self-adhesive Swarovski crystals
  • 2 spring opening rings 1″ inside diameter
  • 4 grommets 3/8″ diameter and tool
  • crossbody chain strap (optional)
  • 8″ nylon zipper


  • leather tool deluxe set (optional) if you are going to be making more leather bags this is a great set)
  • sewing machine leather needle
  • teflon foot
  • cutter knife or leather scissors
  • Fuse-N-Shade 13″ x 3″
  • Clover clips
  • metal ruler
  • leather puncher
  • FriXion pens (Optional)
  • walking foot (Optional)
  • leather glue