Need a secure purse for city travel? It took me forever to figure out how to get into this bag! I finally figured out how to get the zippers apart, then I had to get past the Roobar. That took a while! If it’s that hard for me, it’s going to be a challenge for a would-be pickpocket to work through all that while it’s attached to me. I’d say they won’t get in there.

The Roobar locking system is that round fashionable-looking clasp where the zippers lock into. The clasp looks like something you’d see on any handbag, like a logo. But it’s a little gatekeeper, making it very difficult to get open to unzip the bag unless you know the trick. And even if you know it, trying to make that happen stealthily would be extremely unlikely.

The long strap serves as an anchor to secure around a table or chair leg so it won’t get whisked away in a snatch and go. This is nice for when you’re at outdoor cafes and restaurants, on public transportation if you doze off, and any time you feel you need that extra layer of security.

The Hobo holds quite a bit. You could almost use it as a daypack, fitting a cardigan, water bottle, tablet, and other sundries. It’s a versatile piece for city travel and security.