As a blogger, I tend to switch handbags quite often. Not to mention, it’s something that I need to be able to do pretty quickly! I wanted to share some tips for switching purses that I’ve mastered along the way to help make the process more efficient. Because nothing is worse than forgetting something VITAL in your handbag that you left at home, right?!  In today’s post, I’ll be talking about my can’t-live-without items, tips for switching purses and the perks of switching your bags often!

The most common bags that I switch between are my large totes and my smaller crossbody bags. Obviously, not everything from my large tote will make it into my crossbody, so it’s important for me to know my essentials. (And if you have a husband like mine, I always keep Jordan’s must-have items on me too.) 

1. Identify Your Must-Have Items

By breaking down your must-have items into categories, you’ll be able to readily identify which ones you need the most when transferring from larger to smaller bags. My categories are:

Essentials: Keys, Wallet, Sunglasses

These are the items that I cannot go anywhere without – so these are sort of no-brainers. The only thing I will note here – I have a large wallet that holds cards, receipts, stamps, loyalty cards etc, but when I move to a smaller bag, I use the smaller card holder seen in the photos.

Beauty: Universal Lip Color, Powder

I’ve learned to survive off minimal beauty products while on-the-go. For one, they add a lot of weight to your bags! They also just tend to clutter things up. I like keeping matte lip colors with me that can double as cheek stains, but other than that – powder is my go-to! I love the powder dispensing brushes – compact powder breaking in your bag is a disaster! If I am using my large tote, I’ll keep a concealer palette with me too.

Misc: Gum, Chapstick, Dental Floss, Personal Items, Allergy Meds

I like to call this category my “Walgreens Essentials” because if by some chance I do forget one of these items, all I need to do is run to the nearest store! Crisis averted. These are also my “Husband Essentials” because Jordan is constantly asking me for chapstick and gum. 

I love the new Orbit White gum for multiple reasons. There is no paper trail of gum wrapper trash. There are 40 pieces in one package. When you have a husband who puts in two-three pieces of gum in at one time, you need as many pieces as possible!

Speaking of teeth, we are BIG coffee drinkers, so I’m behind anything additional to help keep our teeth white. A clinical trial showed that chewing 1 piece of Orbit White gum for 12 minutes 5 times a day helped reduce staining! 

2. Use Separate Compartments To Sort

The quickest way to move everything from one bag to another is keeping your items in smaller compartments. I like to use the same pouch for beauty items and another for my miscellaneous items. This way you always know which one to reach for and what’s inside. I use this same idea on a larger scale when I pack my suitcases and carry-on bags!

3. Clean Out The Clutter Every Switch

Cleaning out old receipts, papers, candy wrappers (totally guilty) is the biggest perk to frequently switching bags. You cut down on your clutter so much when you’re constantly purging out the useless contents. I also find that constantly rotating bags actually prolongs the lifetime of your purses. Instead of one handbag getting the brunt of all the wear, you’re spreading it out among many. I mean, what a good excuse to go by some new bags right?! 😉