We all have those pieces in our closet that, no matter how remarkable, require us to ask ourselves: “Where precisely am I going to use this?” However, a declaration piece does not need to imply dismissing sportswear entirely. Bella Hadid’s newest appearance showed simply that, where the design marched in New York City today using a refined Fendi plaid coat fit with mink cuffs. To keep it from feeling too prim, she dressed the design down with a black turtleneck and denim, pointy stretch boots and micro tinted glasses. Call her the master of blending and matching.

Though her most current appearance embodies Hadid’s signature visual, the design is a master at keeping us thinking on what she’ll use next. Previously today, she tossed it back to the ’60s with her take on a leather gown and white go-go boots. She’s carried ’90s-age, Gwen Stefani-inspired design. She’s even put her own stamp on vacation dressing, taking it excessively with a joyful red sequined dress and a white topcoat. Whatever the ambiance might be, her complements constantly produce a winning combination.