Yes, it holds true I have an issue. A real dependency on handbags!! I need to state, as a self-proclaimed bag addict, I more than happy to include this big LingTom canvas purse to my collection.

I purchased the brown coffee color and it’s the ideal shade of brown! Brown on the greenish side. This bag chooses whatever!

The bag has a leading zipper, sadly, it does not go from end to end, there is a 3 ″ space on both sides. Which presents an issue if you bring plenty of little products.

Inside this bag are 2 big compartments separated by a big zippered compartment. There is a big ring on both sides so it would be really simple to include a carabiner to hold the handbag safely closed if you wished to. This handbag holds a LOT of things! Consisting of a wallet, makeup bag, iPad, organizer, video camera and the various products I require with a five-year-old in tow.

On one side of the bag, there are 2 open pockets; one quickly holds my phone and the other my little pocket electronic camera.

The opposite side of the bag has a zippered pocket; best for my lip gloss, mirror and more. There is likewise a strong hook to connect my secrets so I’m not digging around for them. This bag does not have a strap. You can put this bag on your shoulder, it’s a tight fit however it can be done. I do want that there was a shoulder strap consisted of.

The bag is made from a sturdy premium canvas. The bag is totally lined with a heavy fabric product in a coordination color, nevertheless, the lining isn’t connected to the bag on the bottom just one the top/sides inside.

All joints are well stitched. The zippers all work efficiently.

My only whines are the reality that the primary zipper does not go from end to end and little products can fall out of this bag if it gets turned upside down. I likewise want the deals with were a bit bigger so I might conveniently put this on my shoulder. Total I am rather pleased with this canvas hobo bag.