Buckle up, buttercups! With Summer on its way (we had a sample in Dunedin today!) and celebration season preparing, it’s time for high heels, shoes, and jandals. Not perfect for driving!

Unless you’re fortunate adequate to have your Christmas party at Highlands motorsport park, reasonable driving shoes may be the last thing on your mind this Summer.

Luckily, being the sober chauffeur does not need to indicate sober shoes!

Simply keep a set of flat, covered, ‘driving’ shoes, with a non-slip sole, in your automobile to slip on prior to you drive

OR, if you require to:

* Drive with bare feet
– in the past, Kiwi racer Denny Hulme was understood to race in bare feet to have much better feel with the automobile.

Luckily we have incredible modern-day racing boots now like my Vortex Racewear Superlite ones!

And keep your beautiful heels, slippy-soled shoes or shoes well away from the pedals in a safe location in the back of the vehicle, or in the traveler location. The very same opts for when you start your jandals.

1. Driving in jandals or expensive shoes does not do anything for your footwork …
– getting captured up, slipping or making you work the pedals at strange angles

2. … Or for your shoes, which can get harmed or used by the pedals.

Buckle up, buttercups! And examine your feet prior to your drive.