Summer heat and high heels can be a killer mix – and not in a cool method! However here’s our summer season shoe ideas to assist you out! Possibly we do not precisely suffer under insane heat waves at the minute here in Denmark (although it would not harm if the weather condition gods would send us a little bit of sunlight – tip, tip!), however we understand that a lot of you girls reside in warmer nations and battle with your heels under the heat. So what can you do to avoid the undesirable sweating and moving around all the time in your shoes and remain elegant throughout the day?

1. Talcum powder magic

This is a summertime heat should – the great old talcum powder! Talcum powder seriously works magic – it takes in sweat, avoids moving and keeps your feet fresh. Use everything over your feet consisting of in between toes and let it stay with your skin. It’s likewise essential to use it within the shoe on the sole and the sides – simply ensure you position tissues on the top of your heels to secure the leather from the powder. Preferably, you ‘d do this every 3 hours in the high heat, however well, that may be challenging! Using it from time to time, when you have a minute, is simply great!

2. Let them dry
It’s crucial to permit your shoes to dry completely prior to using them once again. Do not use the exact same shoes every day; provide an opportunity to air out. It’s excellent to let them get some air for 24h instead of putting them on the racks or in packages right away after you get house.3.

Great antiperspirant

This pointer clearly uses to all seasons, however it’s crucial to spray your feet with antiperspirant especially in the summer prior to you put your preferred heels on. The very best one to utilize is an antiperspirant made particularly for feet, however if you can’t acquire one, any other you may have in your bag will do too.

4. Double-sided tape

To be additional sure you will not move in your heels at a crucial occasion, it’s excellent to purchase some double-sided paper tape. Paste it around the bottom and sides of the shoes to protect your feet and you’re all set to dance!

5. Stroll them out

Finally, it’s constantly great to stroll your shoes out a for a couple of days prior to you go to an occasion or an event where you’ll utilize them all the time or night. Heat or no heat, the very best thing you can do for your feet is to use soft heels adapted to your foot anatomy.