For fans of popular series, Orange is the New Black and lots of in the vegan neighborhood– the understanding of Ruby Rose’s vegan status might not be brand-new info, yet a current Tweet may be.

Rose has actually spoken with her 1.3 million-strong Twitter fans, stating she will release a vegan leather bag with her face on it.

The Australian starlet, who plays Stella Carlin in OITNB made her claim after high-end style brand name Prada launched a bag with a face printed on it, that bears in canny similarity to her own. The Prada bag is made from real (animal) leather.

According to VN, the professional photographer who took the initial picture, which is thought to be the one on Prada’s purse– modified Rose to the bag’s release.

In an ironical, yet light-hearted tweet, Rose stated ” [I] kinda like this Prada bag that obviously remains in no other way any similarity to me at all although … everybody keeps inquiring about it”– with an accompanying image that mixed the Prada bag and her picture– completely.

Rose, whose newest movie: Pitch Perfect 3, is set to debut in the United States on December 22nd isn’t letting her face printed on animal skin get her down. The Hollywood star, later on, tweeted, “No huge offer. I’ll make one, it will look the very same due to the fact that I’ll utilize the exact same image of my face however in vegan leather. A copy of a copy.”

This isn’t the very first time Ruby Rose has actually utilized her huge following and platform to go over veganism. In April this year, Rose once again utilized her Twitter voice to prompt others to sign up with the vegan motion, particularly in an effort to challenge Trump’s rejection of environmental modification.

Ruby Rose’s own line of vegan leather purses are not likely to be all set for this year’s Christmas dream list, however, you might wish to watch out for a possible 2019 launching.